JAA Program Fact Sheet

JAA is only an athletic program. However, to participate in JAA sport programs all student-athletes must be enrolled and actively participating in a full load of 13.5 credits per quarter at Community Christian College. JAA cannot offer a player’s spot in the program until the following official documents are received:

1. High school transcripts (from all high schools attended)

2. College transcript(s) (if applicable)

3. ACT or SAT test scores


Cost to secure a JAA roster spot is a separate fee. Student-athletes must pay all athletic fees of $1,650 prior to the first day of practice. There is no payment plan option. Payments will be made through Community Christian College.

JAA cannot promise any player will get an offer, an interview or be asked to visit a D1 or D2 college. Our program will promote players based on comparisons players stats in the national recruiting field.

JAA coaches will evaluate players performance, willingness to be trained, improvements and skills sets in comparison to positions.

JAA cannot guarantee all players will start. Starting positions are earned. Player’s growth and improvement on the field determines playing time.

Every student interested in playing sports at NCAA colleges for the first time in 2023 or any year after needs to register and create a Certification Account at NCAA Eligibility Center to have a determination if they are eligible to play. Register at: web3.ncaa.org and provide JAA with your NCAA ID.

All players must have a current physical signed by a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Orthopedics before participating in any sports.

Student-Athlete must submit Proof of Health Insurance.

JAA offers college education through fully TRACS' accredited Community Christian College, to provide ONLINE College courses (School Code: 038744). Admission requirements are as follows:

1. Hold at minimum, a standard high school diploma or equivalent

2. High school 2.0 GPA

3. Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.

Financial Aid is Available at Community Christian college for those who qualify (Florida Financial Aid, Florida Grants, Federal Student Aid, and or student loan). If you have any questions about college admission and financial aid, contact Community Christian College Financial Aid office at: (909) 846-6520 or kwilliams@cccollege.edu.

We recommend Student-Athletes immediately complete FAFSA for2022/2023. Complete FAFSA Year 2022-23 (School Code: 038744): All Student-Athletes MUST attend Fall and Spring Semester 2022-2023 at Community Christian College and complete FAFSA for2022/2023. If you do not qualify for Pell Grant, cost will be an out-of-pocket expense for students. Students not in good academic or financial standing with Community Christian College will not be considered an active player for JAA.

Full Pell Grant (for those that qualify).

Community Christian College tuition does not cover the cost of books and other instructional materials. However, Community Christian College goes to great length to find textbooks and materials in the public domain to eliminate the cost of books. Typically, textbooks may cost between $175.00 and $300.00 per quarter. If you need further assistance or would like to speak to someone regarding your next steps, please contact Community Christian College at ADMISSIONS: (909) 516-3617 or call the general office number (909) 253-7707 .

College provides study centers to help improve student learning.

A student registration liaison will be provided to assist students access the registration system.

Students are expected to have their own supplies including, note pads, planners, laptops, PCs, or iPads, printer, internet access, and appropriate word processing software.

JAA does NOT provides Room and Board.

Players must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.